"Baggage," a comedy by Sam Bobrick, was the first play presented by Lucky Penny. It ran to sold out crowds through four mid-week performances in the Napa Valley Wine Train Depot. The cast included Taylor Bartolucci, Dal Burns, Barry Martin and June Alane Reif, with Bob Silva the stage manager and technician.

"Looking" by Norm Foster was our second production and our first presented at the Napa Valley Opera House. All four performances were played to a packed house in the 100-seat Cafe Theatre. Karin Argoud, Taylor Bartolucci, Peter Downey and Barry Martin made up the cast, with Taylor and Barry sharing directing and design duties.

The-Shape-of-Things"The Shape of Things"
Neil LaBute's brilliantly dark comedy about body image was our second show in the Napa Valley Opera House. We used the Main Stage for this show but brought the audience onto the stage with us, seating them on three sides close to the action. The cast of Taylor Bartolucci, Justin Dupuis, Alex Lydon and Sarah Miller were under the direction of Barry Martin, with Taylor and Barry sharing design work and Robert Silva stage managing. 

The-Love-List"The Love List"
In the middle of our second year, we presented another Norm Foster piece - this one a farce called "The Love List." Taylor and Barry again co-directed and designed the show while performing in it as well, and were joined on stage by Robert Silva. 

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