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The "8 x 10" Ten Minute Play Festival has become a staple of our season and an audience favorite. At the beginning of 2017 we asked writers from all over the country to send us scripts for ten-minute plays. We received a record-breaking 463 scripts this year,and our reading committee and Artistic Director chose eight plays that they feel are the best of the bunch. We then bring in a team of directors and actors to bring these stories to life. The 6th Annual "8 x 10" will be presented live on our stage Jan 19 - Feb 4, 2018.

This year's winning plays and authors are:

  • "The Porch”” by Brianna Keller, Glen Rock NJ
  • “Happy Trails” by Jeanne Beckwith, Roxbury VT
  • “One is the Road” by Mark Loewenstern, New York NY
  • “Getting Ready” by Lindsey Esplin, Los Angeles CA
  • “New Food in Town” by Lynne Williams, Bar Harbor ME
  • “Class Act” by Veronique Autphenne, Alexandria VA
  • “The Nude” by W.L. Newkirk, Celebration FL
  • “Only Take What You Can Eat” by Nicholas Johnson, Mankato MN


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