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October 20-November 5, 2017


In 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts, Abigail, niece to the minister, accuses several local women of witchcraft. In the ensuing panic other girls take up the call. Protagonist John Proctor and his wife Elizabeth recognize that their old household assistant Abigail is behind the trouble, and soon Elizabeth herself is implicated and jailed. In an attempt to save his wife, John Proctor reveals to the court that Abigail is lying to get Elizabeth out of the way so that Abigail can resume her affair with John. Elizabeth is called upon to verify her husband’s confession, and, fearing for his life, denies it. His evidence is dismissed, and John is accused of witchcraft. Like his wife, Proctor refuses to join those who have confessed to witchcraft to save their lives, and the curtain falls as he goes to his hanging a good man.

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Written by Arthur Miller
Directed by Dyan McBride
Stage Management by Jeff Bristow
Costume Design by Liz Martin and Liesl Seitz Buchbinder
Lighting Design by April George
Hair and Makeup Design by Brette Bartolucci
Property Design by Allison Sutherland

John Proctor: Benjamin Stowe
Abigail Williams: Caitlin Waite
Elizabeth Proctor: Heather Buck
Reverend Samuel Parris: Matt K. Miller*
Mary Warren: Jessica Gerson
Betty Parris: Emma Sutherland
Mercy Lewis: Shilah Walters
Susana Walcott: Marjory Harper
Esther Cheever: Diamond Rose
Reverend John Hale: Barry Martin
Rebecca Nurse: Wendy Remington
Francis Nurse: Johnny DeBernard
Governor Danforth: Jesse Caldwell*
Giles Corey: Kit Grimm
Ezekiel Cheever/Williard: Matt Davis
Thomas Putnam: Don Thompson
Ann Putnam: Becky Doyle
Tituba: Debra Harvey
Judge Hathorne: Dan Monez
Sarah Good: Julia Holsworth

* Appears Courtesy Actor's Equity Association

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