Updated March 22, 2020

As of today our theatre remains dark in compliance with local and state orders during the Covid-19 outbreak. Our plans for auditions have been modified accordingly. 

Lucky Penny Productions is now seeking a diverse group of non-AEA performers for our 2020-2021 season of dramas and musicals. General Auditions are for the following productions: "The Wizard of Oz" (September 2020), "Deathtrap" (October/November 2020), "ELF, The Musical" (November/December 2020), "The Marvelous Wonderettes" (January/February 2021),"The How and the Why" (April/May 2021), "Bright Star" (June 2021). See character breakdowns below. 

· “Always…Patsy Cline” has been cast.
· Auditions for “The Producers” will be held in August as this is a co-production with Napa Valley College
· Auditions for “Legally Blonde, Junior” will be held towards the end of the summer and will be announced at a later date.

Due to the inability to hold generals in person, Lucky Penny Productions is seeking video submissions.

- Please visit the following link to submit to our new casting database:
- Please fill out all categories minus the video audition submission, as we already know you. From there, I will filter your names directly onto the callback lists for the shows/roles that you are appropriate for.

-I can’t wait to meet you! We would love to set a new in-person audition date, but in the current “shelter state,” we just do not know when that would be. So, in lieu of an in-person audition, I would love to accept a video audition from you. For some, this may seem daunting, but trust me, they do not have to be fancy, a simple phone video will do.
- Please visit the following link to submit to our new casting database:
- Make sure you submit a 3 minute or less recording of your monologue and 32 bars of a song (I understand finding piano accompaniment may be hard, once again this does not have to be fancy. There are some online resources such as karaoke tracks or piano tracks available for some songs, or in this case I will accept accapella songs without accompaniment).

If you are new to Lucky Penny, but the video option seems intimidating - email me and let’s chat. I do not want to fact that we cannot hold in person generals at this time to discourage you or from the possibility of joining us in the future.

Unfortunately, at this time we are only seeking non-AEA talent.

Questions? Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thank you!

“The Wizard of Oz, R.S.C.”

By L. Frank Baum, Music and Lyrics by Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harbur, Additional Contribution by Herbert Stothart, Peter Howard, Larry Wilcox, John Kane. Based upon the Classic Motion Picture owned by Turner Entertainment Co. and distributed in all media by Warner Bros.

Stage Direction by Taylor Bartolucci and Barry Martin
Music Direction by Craig Burdette - Choreography by Scottie Woodard

Rehearsals will begin around August 9, 2020. Our typical rehearsal schedule is Mon-Thurs evenings and Sat and Sun during the day when needed. Performance dates are September 11 – 27, 2020.

CHARACTER BREAKDOWN: The role of The Cowardly Lion, Aunt Em/Glinda, Miss Gultch/Wicked Witch have been cast. All other Roles Available.

Dorothy Gale: (Female, Age 15-18), Mezzo/Mix Low G to E. Looking for a spirited, energetic actress for this role. Needs to have a strong singing voice and some dance ability, but most important, needs to embody the personality of the character.

Hickory/Tin-Man: (Male, Age 18-40), Strong Baritone/Tenor to G. Hickory is emotionally charged farmhand who desires great things. He is quick witted and lovable. The Tin Man is the most loving and emotional character in the musical. He wants nothing more than to have his heart back. He is strong, protective and encouraging. Must be a strong dancer (tap), singer and actor.

Hunk/The Scarecrow: (Male, Age 18-40), Strong Baritone up to F# (opt Ab). Hunk is the thinker of the bunch who speaks his mind. Must be a strong actor with good comedic timing. The Scarecrow is made of straw and walks with constant unrestricted movements. He has no brain but often says more intelligent and insightful things than any other person in the musical. Must be a strong singer, actor and dancer.

Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz: (Male, 40+), Non-Singing Role. Is he a kind old man or is he a little devious? Interested to see these levels played. Non-Dancing Role.

Ensemble Roles for All Ages: We are looking for a smaller ensemble of all ages that will take on multiple roles which include: Uncle Henry, Three Crows (to sing with Scarecrow in “If I only had a brain. Must be good dancers, singers and actors), Three Trees (to sing along with Tin Man in “If I only had a heart”. Must have good singing and speaking voices), Mayor of Munchkinland, Coroner of Munchkinland, Lullaby League (3 members), Lollipop Guild (3 members), Winkie General, Head of the Flying Monkeys, Flying Monkeys, Emerald City Guard, Jitterbug Lead Dancer and Dancers, and more.

Toto: (Male or Female). Looking for a talented and TRAINED actor dog!

By Ira Levin
Stage Direction by Barry Martin

Rehearsals will begin around September 13, 2020. Our typical rehearsal schedule is Mon-Thurs evenings and Sat and Sun during the day when needed. Performance dates are October 16 – November 1, 2020.


  • Sidney Bruhl: (Male, 40-66). A famous, formerly successful playwright known for a thriller he wrote 18 years ago; calculated, witty, intelligent, and hoping for a lucrative change in fortune.
  • Myra Bruhl: (Female, 30-56). Sidney's wealthy wife; a loving and beautiful woman with a sense of morality yet is fearful and fragile.
  • Clifford Anderson: (Male, 20-36). A physically attractive young aspiring playwright who is hungry for a hit.
  • Helga ten Dorp: (Female, 40-65). A psychic from Holland staying in the cottage neighboring the Bruhl home while on sabbatical. Dutch accent required.
  • Porter Milgrim: (Male, 40-65). Sidney's friend and lawyer; has a dirty secret.

Book by Thomas Meehan, Bob Martin, Music by Matthew Sklar, Lyrics by Chad Beguelin
Based on the New Line Cinema film by David Berenbaum
Stage Direction and Choreography by Staci Arriaga
Music Direction by Craig Burdette

Rehearsals will begin around October 11, 2020. Our typical rehearsal schedule is Mon-Thurs evenings and Sat and Sun during the day when needed. Performance dates are November 27 - December 20, 2020.

CHARACTER BREAKDOWN: The role of Buddy, Walter and Emily have been cast. All other roles available.

  • Jovie: (Female, 25-30). G3-D5. Buddy’s girlfriend. She works at Macy’s and has a bit of a cynical outlook on life and love because of the men she’s dated. She is caught off guard by Buddy's genuinely big heart.
  • Michael Hobbs: (Male, 12-16). F3-G5. Buddy's stepbrother who is excited to have a new friend and brother. Unlike his mother, he doesn't take much convincing to have Christmas spirit, but like his mother, he wishes his father would spend more time with the family.
  • Deb: (Female, 25-55). D4-Eb5. Walter’s secretary. Takes an instant liking to Buddy simply for the novelty of it. Though she aims to please and is a bit of a suck-up, she feels under appreciated.
  • Macy’s Manager: (Male, 25-40). B2-F#4. He is a good, friendly guy just trying to do his job and get by.
  • Greenway: (Male, 30-55). Walter’s boss. He is what Walter will become if he continues down the path he is on. A tyrannical, workaholic who cares nothing about the people around him or who work for him.
  • Santa: (Male, 40-70). A2-E4. Just another workingman. Loves his job and Christmas, but also likes to kick-back and watch the game when a rare opportunity arises. A natural storyteller. Will also play Fake Santa.
  • Chadwick: (Male or Female, 25-45). One of Walter's right-hand men. He is desperate to keep his job, and perhaps the dumber of the two. This character will also serve in the ensemble.
  • Matthews: (Male or Female, 25-45). One of Walter's right-hand men. He is desperate to keep his job and is the schemer of the two. This character will also serve in the ensemble.
  • Charlie: (Male or Female, 7-12). Charlie is and Elf in charge of monitoring the other Elves, making sure every present is wrapped and every bow is tied.
  • Shawanda: (Female, 7-13). She is a dependable and caring Elf. She will do whatever she can to help out others, including Buddy, even though she accidentally reveals that he is a human.
  • Ensemble: (Male and Female, All Ages). Mrs. Claus, Mr. Narwhal, Teenager, Employees, Security Guard 1&2, Customer 1&2, Saleswoman, Store Elf 1&2, Fake Santa 1&2&3, Boy, Mother, Policeman 1&2, Sarah, Jim, Vendor, Waitress, Charlotte, Man, Woman, Elves.

Created by Roger Bean
Stage Direction and Choreography by Scottie Woodard
Music Direction by Ellen Patterson

Rehearsals will begin around December 13, 2020 (with a break over the holidays). Our typical rehearsal schedule is Mon-Thurs evenings and Sat and Sun during the day when needed. Performance dates are January 29 – February 14, 2021.


  • Cindy Lou: (Female, 18-28) The prettiest girl at Springfield High, and she knows it! She knows she will be named Prom Queen and acts out against her best friend Betty Jean when things don’t go her way. She makes the biggest change between Acts I & II, having learned the lessons of true love and loss. Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano Belt: E3–F5. Sings melody line on most songs, so the other girls hang their vocals on this voice.
  • Missy: (Female, 18-28) The over-achiever of the group. Very controlled, very concerned that everything at the prom turns out wonderful and perfect. Head of the Prom Decorations Committee, and absolutely smitten with her music teacher. Her best friend is Suzy. Vocal Range: Soprano: G3–A5. Wide range, floating high vocals and belting throughout the show.
  • Betty Jean: (Female, 18-28) The class clown and tomboy, always vying for attention with Cindy Lou, her best friend. It’s also highly probable that Betty Jean wants to be with Cindy Lou herself, but just doesn’t even know what those feelings really are. Cindy Lou steals Betty Jean’s boyfriend away, which causes a lot of the friction at the prom. She holds this grudge against Cindy Lou until they make up at the ten-year reunion. Vocal Range: Alto with strong low range: D3–E5.
  • Suzy: (Female, 18-28) The gum-chewing, happy-go-lucky, go-along girl. Super-best friends with Missy, Suzy is always a little giddy and a little silly and finds great pleasure in everything she does. In love with the lighting operator, completely surprised when named Prom Queen. Frustrated, sad, hormonal, and pregnant in Act II. This role requires an excellent part singer and expert comedienne. Range: Mezzo-Alto with both sweet and soulful voice: G3–E5.

By Sarah Treem
Stage Direction by TBA

Rehearsals will begin around March 21, 2021. Our typical rehearsal schedule is Mon-Thurs evenings and Sat and Sun during the day when needed. Performance dates are April 23 – May 9, 2021.

CHARACTER BREAKDOWN: All roles available.

  • Zelda: (Female, to play 56) an acclaimed evolutionary biologist at Harvard, she is brilliant, confident, and possesses a great deal of strength, though is somewhat reserved at first, she is keen to nurture new minds, and to encourage a new generation of revolutionary women scientists, she challenges Rachel in every way.
  • Rachel: (Female, to play 28) a very promising up-and-coming Graduate Student in Evolutionary Biology, she meets Zelda for the first time the day before an extremely prestigious conference, she has a radical new idea about the reason why human women menstruate that ends up contradicting Zelda’s famous Hypothesis, Rachel initially seems arrogant and somewhat prickly, though she lets her guard down over time, she is incredibly intelligent, and also incredibly vulnerable, she rejects the idea of sacrificing her personal life for the sake of her career.

Music, Book and Story by Steve Martin, Music, Lyrics and Story by Edie Brickell
Stage Direction by Barry Martin
Music Direction by Craig Burdette – Choreography by Staci Arriaga

Rehearsals will begin around April 26, 2020. Our typical rehearsal schedule is Mon-Thurs evenings and Sat and Sun during the day when needed. Performance dates are June 5 – 21, 2020.

CHARACTER BREAKDOWN: The roles of Alice and Billy Cane have been cast all other roles available.  

  • Jimmy Ray Dobbs: (Male, 30’s) Pop-folk bari-Tenor. The same actor will play Jimmy Ray in his early 20s in flashbacks: Mayor Dobbs’ son and young Alice’s beau; handsome, boyishly charming, well-built, and intelligent; from a family of wealth and power and is being groomed by his father for a similar future in the family business; an independent thinker who is not afraid to stand up to his father for what he believes in; he has a sense of personal responsibility and morality as well as a deep reserve of passion and emotion. The same actor will also play an adult Jimmy Ray at age 40.
  • Daryl Ames: (Male, 20’s-40’s) Precise, exacting, specific and effete. Dry and witty, with great comic timing.

  • Lucy Grant: (Female, 20’s-30’s) Strong belt. Strong actress with great comedic timing, who is a dynamic and sexy dancer. She has to have complete ease with dancing and partnering. Leads a production number.
  • Mayor Josiah Dobbs: (Male, 50’s-60’s) Bass-Baritone. The Mayor of Zebulon; he’s a political and financial powerbroker – distinguished, even elegant, an imposing and controlling presence; has a genuine interest in protecting his son’s future and his family name, but in doing so, is ultimately pushed to a point of extreme and irrevocable cruelty.
  • Margo Crawford: (Female, early 20’s) Sweet warm folk voice. A small-town bookstore owner; a childhood friend of Billy’s who now harbors romantic feelings towards him; a natural beauty with a keen intellect.
  • Daddy Murphy: (Male, 50’s-60’s) Alice’s father; an authoritative and a stern disciplinarian; devoutly religious, hard-working, a poor but proud farmer.
  • Mama Murphy: (Female, 50’s-60’s) Warm and strong, the center of her family. A fierce protector of her daughter, who she knows is deeply gifted, but a handful.
  • Daddy Cane: (Male, 60’s) A warm, loving country man. Loves to read. Has kept a secret for many years for all the wrong reasons. Will double in ensemble.
  • Max: (Male, 17-25) A customer at Margo’s bookstore, at first, he has a crush on Margo, but later becomes Edna’s beau. Will double in ensemble.
  • Florence: (Female, 17-25) An employee at Margo’s bookstore and a childhood friend of both Billy and Margo. Will double in ensemble.
  • Edna: (Female, 25-35) An employee at Margo’s bookstore. Will double in ensemble.
  • Male and Female Ensemble: (All ages) Looking for a small ensemble who is willing to “move” as everyone moves scenery and is quite active throughout the entire show. Specifically looking for men who thrive with athletic movement and men and women with partner dancing experience.

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