seriousdurstWill Durst’s one-man show, "The Durst Case Scenario" received rave reviews from audiences and critics alike in its run at the Marsh, and on tour to 30 cities in 6 states. A hysterical exploration of the changes in America during the Time of Trump, this 85-minute feast of outrage and outrageousness provided audiences with an amusing outlet for their anger & confusion. Because laughter allows hope to creep back on the inhale.

Now, aided by his trusty overhead projector, Durst has revamped the show to be as up-to-date as the latest 4 am Oval Office tweet, reflecting one full year of Donald Trump’s Reign of Error, and he calls it-
Durst Case Scenario: Midterm Madness

Fri. Oct 12th, 2018 8pm

FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR TICKETS ONLINE or call 707-266-6305. All seats $30. 
DCS:MM describes our strange new world where everyday without a mushroom cloud is a victory in segments such as “Top Ten Ways the Democrats Will Blow the Midterms”, “Scientific Proof the President is a Reptile” and “Slovenia is an Irony Free Zone.” Prepare to meet the funny side of defiance. Will Durst’s performances are brought to you by the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. At least for now. See this show before this sort of thing becomes illegal.

Will Durst is acknowledged by peers and press alike as one of the premier political satirists in the country. He’s patched together a quilt of a humorous career, weaving together columns, books, radio and television commentaries, acting, voice-overs and stand-up into a riotous patchwork of funny comedy humor. The Oregonian called him, “The thinking man’s comedian." Author of 4 books, Durst has told jokes in 16 countries, racked up 800+ television appearances, released 5 CDs and despite blistering reproach, continues to squeeze ketchup on his bratwurst.

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