Posted May 18, 2020/Updated July 9, 2020-August 28, 2020-January 5, 2021

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Hello friends of Lucky Penny-

Since our theatre world came to a sudden stop on March 11, 2020, we have done our best to adjust. We thought we would just be inconvenienced for a few weeks, but now we’ve been 10 months in limbo. We have made new plans and alternate plans, and each time the pandemic has forced us to cancel those plans.

As the pandemic played out in 2020, we cancelleed or rescheduled three shows from our 2019-20 season and a summer production. Next we had to cancel the first three shows of our 2020-21 season (September-December 2020). Most of the shows we have planned to produce have many people involved and there is no safe way to create theatre, even if we were aiming to produce them as live-streamed or video theatre shows, which the licensing companies mostly won’t allow anyway! As 2021 has arrived, we honestly don't know when we can "get back to normal." Currently we are discussing what might be possible with outdoor theatre in the summer, and hoping for a chance to invite you back to the Community Arts Center in the fall of 2021. We are continuing to work on several Lucky Penny Video Theatre projects. Each of these will be available as pay-what-you-can shows.

We have preserved all the ticketing information for these cancelled/postponed shows. As we have adjusted the dates we have carried over the reservations on our books. 

If at some point you discover you have tickets that you will not be able to use. We kindly request that you consider these options:

  • Turn your tickets into a donation. We will gladly provide a donation receipt for tax purposes. 
  • Exchange your tickets for a gift card for use on future purchases. We will be happy to give you the full value of your purchase and add on a bonus of 20% of the value of your purchase. 
  • Request a refund. Our tickets are always sold under a “no refund, no exchange” policy. In normal circumstances, we often give refunds anyway when requested. Under the current abnormal circumstances, we urge you to request a refund only if it is truly necessary.
And if you are happy with continuing to ride this out with us, we will have seats for you when the time is right. 
As of this update (Jan. 5, 2021) we don't feel it's productive to try and guess what happens next. We will continue doing what we can, and wait to see how these first months of 2021 turn out. As soon as we have a plan for summer, fall, and beyond, we will let you know. 
And finally, thank you. We know that this is a time full of unknowns, worry and ample amounts of frustration. We feel it too. We miss seeing each and every one of you at the theatre. We miss the buzz of the audience, the musicians warming up before a performance, and the camaraderie among cast members. The main premise of the theatre is to gather people together in a shared space to enjoy a shared experience, and while we are not physically able to do that now, we know without a doubt we will be able to gather again and celebrate when it is deemed safe.
Thank you once again for your continued support of Lucky Penny Productions. 
Taylor Bartolucci, Artistic Director/Barry Martin, Managing Director 
Posted May 18, 2020 - Updated July 9, 2020/August 28, 2020/January 5, 2021