Play-Demic Fesitval LogoOur latest Video Theatre creation is theatre of, for, and about the unforgettable and unavoidable year of 2020 and how it has changed the world we share today. We call it a "Play-Demic Festival." Authors from the Bay Area have submitted short scripts that Lucky Penny is turning into filmed plays, or short movies, if you will. Here are the short plays we're producing:

"How to Survive a Pandemic"
by Charlene Steen

"2020 Sucks Out Loud" aka "Rob Evaluates 2020"
By Rob Broadhurst

"No Exit 2020"
by Kathleen Andersen

by Joan Hawley McClain

"Fitness in the Time of Covid-19"
by Pat Williams and Liz Wildberger

"The Grandy Family Newsletter, 2020"
by George Bereschik 

"Tonight at the Stage Door"
by Donald Loftus

"The K.A. Meeting"
by Barry Martin

Our "Play-Demic" will be available on demand from 7pm Friday, March 5th through Sunday, March 7th, 2021. (New debut date due to unforeseen issues, sorry!) We offer this as a pay-what-you-can show with hopes to bolster our Pandemic Survival Fund and keep Lucky Penny alive. Thanks for your support!



When you follow the link above to the ticketing page.


  • You will see three performances listed. It doesn't matter which performance you choose because you can watch the show on demand once you get the link and password. (Listing multiple performances is a method to make more seats available using our existing seating chart.)
  • Then select a virtual seat from the seating chart and click NEXT. (You only need one seat even if two or more people plan to watch.) 
  • You will see a price of $0 on the next screen - click NEXT again. 
  • Enter your details and click NEXT, then enter whatever amount you choose as your donation, then click NEXT. (These donations will help us survive the pandemic so please donate if you can.) 
  • Confirm details on the screen and click NEXT. Last, enter your card information and click Process Payment.
  • As soon as you complete this process you will receive an email with a confirmation. It looks the same as a regular in person ticket but of course this show is online only. Two hours before the performance time you will get an email with link to the show and the password. You can then watch as many times as you want.  
  • If you run into any problems, email info at (replacing at with @) or call 707-266-6305.