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On Saturday, May 19, 2018,  at 7:00 p.m.,  Lucky Penny will present the "I'm the Greatest FUTURE Star Musical Theatre Showcase for Kids" The theme for our spring showcase is "Future Stars Salute Broadway." This event is an opportunity for young performers to hone their performance skills and have some fun! It's open to all interested youth performers and is a showcase, NOT a competition. (In the fall we offer the "I'm the Greatest FUTURE Star Musical Theatre Competition for Kids" as a judged event with prizes for the winner.)

All adult seats are $25, with youth 12 and under $12.50. 


Here are the GUIDELINES (A PDF version of the guidelines and application is linked below.)

The showcase is open to performers ages 6-19 and is not a competition; there will be no judges.

The showcase is limited to 24 singers on a first-received application basis.

Deadline for entries to be received at mailing address is May 1, so please mail early.

Each performer will sing one hit song from a Broadway musical. As a theatre company, our focus is on the musical theatre genre and style of singing, so please do not ask for exceptions. If two singers choose to perform a duet, that will count as each singer’s one song.

Please choose songs that were or are big hits and that will entertain the audience. For the sake of variety, song choices will be reserved on a first-response basis; if more than one person wishes to sing the same song, it goes to the first one to get their application in and the later applicant will have to choose another song.

Please limit the song to a maximum of 4 minutes in length.

Each performer will provide their own pianist to accompany their song (piano only, no other instruments and no recorded tracks). If you do not have a pianist, please let us know and we will recommend one for you to contact.

Performers will sing without a microphone. The audience will be on three sides, so practice performing to include the entire room.

No tickets are necessary for performers and their pianists; names will be on a list at the door.

Tickets to the show are $25 for adults and teens and $12.50 for youth 12 and under, and ticket sales benefit Lucky Penny Community Arts Center. They are available online at luckypennynapa.com. Please encourage family and friends to buy tickets early. Attendees may purchase drinks and snacks before show and during intermission.

An onstage rehearsal time for each performers will be assigned for the afternoon of May 19, after which performers may leave, but must arrive back at the Community Arts Center by 6:30 pm. One family member or friend may accompany each performer to check in, after which family and friends are not permitted to remain backstage.

Follow this link to the PDF version of the guidelines and the required registration form. 

Lucky Penny Productions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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