"Spy Band" The Music of Spies, Secret Agents and Detectives

"Spy Band" Live on Stage!
One Show Only - 8pm Saturday July 27th


Spy Band is an elite cadre of highly skilled musical operatives performing the theme music of spies, secret agents and detectives, featuring songs from the James Bond movie series. Team Leader Alan K. Parks has assembled his expert contingent to carry out covert missions of melodic espionage. They have been ensconced in their secret training compound and have polished their skills and are now ready to strike when the time is right.

Spy Band 8x10
Also known as the Band With The Golden Gun, half of the team is staffed by four members skilled in the application and use of brass and reed instruments. Not only are they experts in horn lines, but they also are capable of operating independently if a lethal solo is required. The other half of the organization is the Bureau of Rhythm Operations. Staffed by agents on guitar, keyboards, bass and drums, they provide support, intel and undercover grooves to other agents in the field. To round out this operation, Chanteuse Lisa Hart is the lead vocalist and femme fatale. This beautiful but deadly woman can seduce you with a song and provoke you to spill your darkest secrets. Don't turn your back on her.
Dust off your tuxedo, pour a vodka martini and contact headquarters for further instructions. Spy Band will be arriving.